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More Tours, More Tours, and MORE TOURS!

I can’t keep up!!! This is insane!!! I figure if I posted all the info for most of the tours, I better post the rest of them, plus a few more have released dates and what not today so let’s do this again.

All Shall Perish have announced a headlining tour featuring support from Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Conducting From the Grave, and The Contortionist. Look at the dates HERE.

In addition to a tribute concert for Cory Smoot, GWAR have announced a full tour with support from Municipal Waste and Ghoul. How fun does that sound!?! Not to mention the last date of the tour is right here in Fort Collins!!!! Get info and date HERE.

Dave Mustaine’s brainchild GIGANTOUR has returned and just began this past week. The tour includes Megadeth (duh), Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat. You can buy tickets and check out the dates HERE. If you dish out $250 you can get a “VIP” ticket, including early entry, a photo band members, and other perks. If you have that much money, well, have fun! For us poor folk, just being able to see Megadeth and Motorhead on the same bill would be worth the price of admission!

Finally, this year the U.S. welcomes back Paganfest. The tour took a few years off from the states and will return this year with Turisas as the headliner. Support will come from Alestorm, Ex Deo, Arkona, and Huntress. I’m still kicking myself for missing out a few years ago, so this will definitely be a high priority for myself. Dan and I literally ran to The Gothic in order to watch Turisas play their final 3 or so songs from their set about a year ago, and they were awesome. Check for dates within the next day or two!

Anyone wanna help some broke ass metalheads out!?


Becoming the Archetype and Fleshgod Apocalypse; new videos for YOU!

Last night, a couple of bands who couldn’t be further off from each name wise released new music videos. Why am I lumping them together? Probably laziness, but really they are just awesome videos and perfect examples of how this particular art form can be done well. So, let’s get it started off with the Jesus lovers in Becoming the Archetype and their┬ámagnificent video for “Breathing Light” off of their most recent outing Celestial Completion.

What I really like about this video is how awesome the concept is. The band and it’s director did an awesome job playing to so many metal nerd cliches. We’ve got vikings, space/time travel, evil overlords, blood, and all of it done with humor, wit and simplistic animation that does well BECAUSE it’s simplistic. As a fellow beard wearer/aficionado, I definitely can relate to the rage that Jason Wisdom feels after finding out the bro-dude overlord Todd has outlawed beards (which according to guitarist Seth Hecox, is inspired by his ire at the New York Yankees rule of no facial hair. Serious win). Check out the epic below and just in case youtube decides to be a selfish child and not let you view the video, you should head over to Noisecreep where it appeared (as well as a run down of the creation and theme of the vid).

The Felshgod Apocalypse video, for the song “The Violation” off their upcoming second album Agony is a little more along the typical video lines in that it has the band playing and story going on concurrently. What isn’t typical is that both elements are meshed together perfectly and the visuals are top notch. The music never overpowers the visuals and the visuals don’t distract from the music. The song is killer, as is the video (pun totally intended, by the way) and it’s just a satisfying metal video viewing experience in general. Agony is out on August 9th and I know I’ll be getting a copy.



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