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Extol gives us a “Gift Beyond Human Reach”

Extol, one of those awesome bands that everyone should listen to, are set to release their new album next week (and if you live in their native Norway, you can get it today!). In anticipation of that, the band have released a few tracks from the album and the one of them has a video. Amazing huh? And in 2013! Wow!

Saracasm aside, the song is killer and the video isn’t too shabby. It definitely straddles that line between too much self-promotion and boring “band playing in an empty venue” thing, but it’s cut well and the song doesn’t sound pretentious at all. So, it works. Check it out and go buy yourself a copy of Extol’s self-titled new one when you can (June 25th for those of us in North America and June 25th for the EU).



Blue Stahli leaves you bloody and numb.

In 2011, I was alerted to the musical stylings of Blue Stahli via a friend. His 2011 album was one of my favorites that year and while I wouldn’t exactly call it metal, it is some pretty great electronic infused rock. Or vice versa. So, I’m happy to alert you the first music video from that album, for the lead off track “UltraNUMB.” It’s a pretty rocking song, super infectious, and the video has a equal doses of nice visuals, humor and blood. How can that combination not be good?! If you like the track, go pick up the album here. Now, without further b.s., here’s the video which debuted yesterday at Bloody Disgusting!



Benea Reach look to the summit, don’t quite make it.

One thing that I enjoy about the ridiculous amounts of bands that I follow, is that every now and then one slips through the cracks until they release new music. Then, I get to rediscover said band all over again. It’s like a birthday present that you get to open twice and be just as excited about the second time! Meshuggah were like this for quite sometime (they’ve recently, as in the past few years, made it into my regular rotation). Benea Reach are another one. I really enjoyed their last album Alleviat when I heard it back in 2009, but I never followed them. So, it came as surprise to me yesterday when there was a new video/song from the Norwegians on all the metal blogs.

The song, “The Mountain,” is a decent song. In fact, it’s a pretty good tune. Lots of heavy, a nice chorus and the video is interesting enough. Unfortunately, the song also plods a little and doesn’t have the same “umph” they used to. That said, I still found myself replaying it a couple of times and one decent song does not a great album ruin. So, I’ll look forward to their next slab of music. In the mean time, check out the video for “Mountain” below.


Benea Reach’s new one, Posession, comes out on March 22 via Spinefarm.


And… we are back from the silence!

Oh, hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile. We’ve been pretty quiet because, well, this happened (switch math for English):

And this happened (sort of):

And this happened:


It’s all good though. Because, uh, we are going to start writing again. Maybe. Until then, here’s some Meshuggah for you. Happy day!


Oh, hey guys. Sorry, I must have fallen asleep while listening to the new All That Remains song. Man, remember when we thought this band was really cool and exciting? Good times.


“dUg” Pinnick wants to know what you gonna do and make you sick.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of King’s X. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the follow up to their fantastic 2008 disc XV, but as with most of the really good bands, they don’t make much money and therefore wait a long time between albums. However, the three members of the band are really prolific artists on their own and have released solo albums in that time. Apparently, lead vocalist/bassist Doug (styled “dUg”) Pinnick has a new album coming out called Naked sometime in the next… whenever. And as such, he’s released a track from that album called, “What You Gonna Do?” in the form of a self-filmed music video.

And when I way self-filmed, I mean it’s himself holding a camera to himself while he lip syncs the words and spins around the room. It’s all a little too nauseating for my tastes and it makes me wonder just how high dUg was when he filmed it (the man is a well-known fan of the ganja). The song isn’t half bad though. Like most of his stuff, it’s got some heaviness to it, some groove, and while not the greatest thing ever, it is pretty fun. Check out the vid below and be on the lookout for Naked sometime in the future.


Still counting… on hard rock to give me something to care about.

Unlike what seems to be an increasing amount of individuals, I did not start my heavy music career off with hardcore or post-hardcore and then migrate to metal. Seems like this is the progression for a lot of kids these days. I’m old, so for me it began with hard rock bands, particularly the early nineties stuff. Because of this, I have a soft spot for hard rock and every now and then I decide to peep the local hard rock radio station (which is always announced as “pure… new… ROCK!”) to see just what all the construction workers are listening to these days. And the other day, I heard this song…

…and I laughed. Pretty hard too. “Counting all the assholes in the room.” Poetic stuff, right there. We (meaning I) give a lot of crap to scene/core bands because it’s easy fodder and it’s so far removed from what I grew up with I don’t feel bad throwing them on the fire. This Volbeat stuff though… it’s not much better. And now I know why no one has recommended them to me. So, yeah I’m not playing favorites with my snark here. I can poke fun at myself (sort of) too! I guess the likes of Behemoth have just corrupted me too much, as I can’t think of one modern hard rock band worth a damn.

Then again, maybe I’m just another asshole in the room.



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